Big League Chew featuring female on package for first time

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(WMTV/NBC)-- It's a bubblegum used in dugouts across the country, and for the first time, Big League Chew, will be honoring women on its packaging.

The company added a female softball player on its packages of its original flavor "Outta Here."

For more than 40 years, the brand could always be spotted by the caricature of a very muscular male baseball player ready to swing, slide or intimidate opponents.

The female character, according to Ford Gum, Big League Chew's parent company, was created by Amanda MacFarlane, a freelance character designer, who also happens to be the daughter of former Major League shortstop Bobby Bonner. She drew inspiration from her niece who plays softball currently.

A company spokesperson told TODAY Food that the gum is already available online and is expected to hit shelves Feb. 1. She also specified that the softball player sketch will not replace the male character completely, but will be batting right along side him in stores.