Black Restaurant Week in Madison

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- "You never really know what to expect or anticipate with Black Restaurant Week, but typically a restaurant will experience double even sometimes triple sales," Camille Carter, President of the Madison Black Chamber of Commerce said.

Black Restaurant Week runs from August 11-18 in Madison. 30 food carts, restaurants and caterers are involved. All of them are owned and operated by black entrepreneurs.

The food ranges from Costa Rican, West African cuisine, barbecue and desserts by chocolatiers and cake makers to name a few. The owner of Kingdom Cafe, involved with the restaurant week, said black entrepreneurs in the food industry is a tight knit community.

"We know each other, we help each other. Like in Africa we say "Together we stand, a part we fall." If I'm alone and he's alone we're not gonna go nowhere," Mahamadou Tunkara, owner of Kingdom Cafe, said.

Several food carts and restaurants have Black Restaurant Week specials for customers to try. The Madison Black Chamber of Commerce says they hope that people go out and experience the cuisine offered by the food preparers, but then patronize them throughout the year.

"It's an opportunity for the greater Madison to patronize our businesses, come and experience different cuisine and hopefully adapt some new favorites to their palates," Carter said.

For a full list of the black entrepreneurs in the food industry that are involved in Black Restaurant Week: click here.