Brat-man and Robin: Creating a social distance style Brat Fest

Published: May. 12, 2020 at 10:49 PM CDT
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After the news broke of Brat Fest being canceled, a local non-profit leader insists the show must go on!

Tim Metcalfe canceled the 37th Brat Fest on Tuesday. A tough decision that was made in light of Covid19. After calling his friend, Michael Johnson of the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County, Metcalfe is thinking of holding a social distanced style festival.

"So many charities are canceling their fundraisers, and so many charities are going to struggle because of Covid19. I just think we have to be creative," Johnson said.

Metcalfe is running his supermarkets in the middle of the pandemic, yet he is invested in trying to help the community. He says he is going to work with Johnson on getting the word out about a solution to holding the in person festival. Ideas are floating around of doing a curbside pick up of frozen brats, or a virtual concert that people could make donations through online.

"We are going to try and put together something," Metcalfe said with a smile.

Johnson claims to

stay tuned!