‘Breathtaking:’ Thousands of sunflowers draw photographers, gawkers to Oconomowoc

Sunflowers near Stone Bank Elementary School, Oconomowoc (FOX6)
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OCONOMOWOC (FOX6) — Thousands of people are making their way to a field near Stone Bank Elementary School in Oconomowoc — and it’s all about the sunflowers.

Thousands of them are planted in a field across the street from the school. Now, because of the sunflowers, a relatively quiet road is a place where people are pulling over, jumping out to take a picture and just plain gawk at nature’s wonder.

“It’s breathtaking,” said Val Blatz. “I’ve never seen so many sunflowers in one place. Yeah, so, and they’re just like, perfect right now with as far as being blooming.”

As the saying goes, “All good things come to an end.” If you are interested in seeing the sunflowers in full bloom, get out to Oconomowoc soon.