Brodhead students say safe driving drill went too far

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BRODHEAD Wis. (WMTV) -- Some students say an announcement telling students some of their classmates were dead as part of a safe driving drill was inappropriate.

During the morning announcements students were told the name of four students who had supposedly died in a car accident that morning. Several minutes later, a second announcement told students their classmates were not dead and that, instead, the announcement was part of a simulation drill.

The Brodhead HIgh School principle says the drill was put on by the student council as part of a year-long campaign on safe driving. Throughout the day more announcements told students more of their classmates were dying in car accidents.

The students that were "dying" as part of the drill were aware ahead of time but were not allowed to use their phones to notify other classmates that they were okay.

"A lot of our fellow friends and students actually started crying because they thought these people were actually dead and so I think a lot of them actually called their parents in school too," Brodhead High School student Madison Trombley says.

The district superintendent says the drill was not intended to cause any harm or stress or scare students. He says a few parents called in to complain saying it was harmful to their children. He says he thinks this was a real-life look for students in to what could happen if they do not drive carefully.

Some students say if they would have been warned about the drill the reaction would have been much different.

"it wasn't really effective. They were trying to teach using scare tactics which doesn't teach it just makes you not trust the teachers and any of the announcements you're going to get," Brodhead High School student Sam Bolen says.