Bucky On Parade: Photos with a twist

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Laurie Vott is making it her mission to take a picture with all of the 'Bucky on Parade,' statues but she is taking them while wearing costumes that are similar to the statues design.

So far she has taken photos with 44 different Bucky statues, all wearing a different costume.

"I want to get pictures with all the Buckys but I didn't want to wear the same outfit in all of them, so i just decided that I would do different costumes with some of them and so now that's kind of all I think about is what can I pair with this one," Vott said.

The idea for "Bucky on Parade," was 10 years in the works before it came to life in May. And according to Rob Gard, Director of Communications at the Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau, the reaction from the community was better than they expected.

"It was beyond anything we could have ever imagined," Gard said.

The Bucky statues will be on display until September 12th and there is still one last statue to be unveiled. "Crazy Legs Bucky," will be unveiled soon and will be located in front of the campus police station by Camp Randall.

Some of the money raised through donations and sponsorship will go to the "Garding Against Cancer" initiative and some will go to the Madison Area Sports Commission.