Bucky on Parade: Behind every Bucky is a team

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- It was a brisk day in January as a group of 15 people patiently waited at Madison Area Technical College's East campus.

"I think I see them!" Kate Dale said with excitement.

All the sudden, a row of life-size Bucky the Badger statues could be seen gliding through the parking lot of the Madison Area Technical College. The final shipment of the statues had finally made it's way to Madison.

One by one the group from the Madison Area Sports Commission lifted the Bucky statues up from the semi trailer. The white statues glistened in the sun, as the team unloaded the 118lbs Bucky's one by one.

"Never thought I would be crawling between Bucky's legs before," Dale joked.

Dale is the senior marketing manager for the Bucky on Parade project. She has worked with the team for nearly two years on making this fun idea come to life.

On May 7, 85 Bucky statues will be unveiled across Dane County to the public. But, before the artist could begin working on their blank canvas, all of them had to be brought to MATC.

It took six deliveries to get the 85 Bucky's to the college, Dale says.

"We are professional Bucky un-loaders," Dale giggled.

Once they all were delivered, the artists were asked to pick them up in mid-January.

"You tell them they are six feet but they don't believe it in person," Jamie Patrick said.

Patrick assisted Dale on the project. He helped artist pickup the statues, and soaked in all of their initial reactions.

"He's pretty big isn't he?" Patrick joked to one artist. The artist replied, "He's bigger than me!"

Bucky is more than a mascot. He serves as a beacon of teamwork and strength. Both qualities that the Madison Area Sports Commission exemplifies. The crew spent hours on ending working on this special project. They did heavy lifting for the project, figuratively and physically.

"When you see the smile on people's faces, you know it's all worth it," Patrick said.