Bucky on Parade: Family wins private tour of Camp Randall

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- A family of five from Columbus got an exclusive behind the scenes look at the home of Bucky Badger on Thursday.

Connor Sawyer was the official winner of the Bucky on Parade: Find Bucky contest for kids. His twin sister Imogene, older brother Jaspar, and parents Janet and Chris joined him for his prize.

"We had no idea we would actually win," Janet said. "Out of the prizes, this is the one we pointed out that we wanted to do."

The family was shown the weight room, field house, and practice fields. But it was the private access areas that peaked the most interest for the kids. They saw the famous Rose Bowl trophies and strolled the halls where the most elite Badgers visit.

Chris, father of the three children, is a former UW band member. He played during the years when Barry Alvarez was the football coach. He performed during several Rose Bowl games. Chris said he has seen a lot of Camp Randall, but not to this extent.

The prize was a great experience for the family, but Janet says they have more appreciation for what Bucky on Parade did for the community. It helped raise money for cancer research.

Her father died of cancer within a year of her mom dying from the disease.

"It hits home to us," Janet said as she wiped away a tear.

The family said the tour was an experience they will always cherish and can't wait to go to a game at Camp Randall soon.