Bucky on Parade: Statues get some "rest and relaxation" MATC

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Bucky might be off the streets of Madison and Dane County but it’s not too late to take one home for good. All 85 Bucky statues are currently at Madison College for repair after being out all summer.

The Buckys are getting some rest and relaxation before the Bucky on Parade Finale party on Sept. 29.

At the party, 20 Buckys will be available for auction. The Golden Bucky will be given away in a raffle. Tickets will be sold at the party. On the 29th ten will be up for grabs in an online auction.

“The fact that people then went out and saw these and were out there day and night, every single day, pouring rain roasting heat, out there traveling throughout Dane County, huge success," said Rob Guard with the Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Monday Morning, staff from the Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau drew a prize winner from a mini golden Bucky statue. Other prize winners will be selected on Monday as well. To enter the drawing, people had to visit all 85 Buckys and fill out a form to enter the drawing.

Bucky on Parade began May 7 and ended September 12. Guard said it's been fun seeing the project come full circle. MATC helped build the Buckys.

"It's almost like they went through a whole graduation period. They started off as these young impressionable things and they came back fully realized so it's been kind of cool to see that journey for these Buckys," Guard said.

For more information on the Bucky on Parade Finale Party click here.