Bucky on Parade: No filter needed

As the sun sets over Lake Mendota, it’s time to take a moment and enjoy spring’s arrival at the Memorial Union Terrace.

It’s those picture perfect sunsets that don’t ever need a filter that serve as inspiration for artists Megan Breene and Allyson Casey. Their canvas is an all-white, 6 foot 5 inch tall, 115 pound Bucky.

“I think it was a little intimidating at first to see a life-sized or even a littler larger than life Bucky,” said Casey. “It was a lot of white canvas to work on.”

Breene and Casey are not alone. Artists from all over the state are unleashing their creativity to show Bucky in a way no one has seen him before.

“We weren’t sure how much it was going to take to paint this huge statue,” said Breen as she paints a silhouette of a starburst Terrace chair on the chest of Bucky. “But, it actually worked out really well.”

Capturing the tranquility of the Terrace can be tough, when your studio is a storage room in the basement of the Union and there’s a constant buzzing of a compressor going off every few minutes.

“We just really took any area of the Union we could find to work in. So this is what we got,” said Breene with a smile on her face. “We’ve been able to make it work.”

As graphic designers who work at the Union, Breene and Casey have traded their computers for paint brushes.

“As artists, we were able to combine our two loves of Bucky and the Terrace and take a creative approach with it,” said Casey.

The two have spent hours intricately blending colors, in the hopes that their master piece captures the magnificent glow Mother Nature paints over Lake Mendota.

“I hope people really enjoy it. I mean, we’d both love for it to evoke those emotions of spending time on the Terrace and just being with friends and family and just spending those summer nights enjoying the Terrace,” said Breene.

With every sunset, there’s now one more colorful reason take a moment and enjoy the view from the Memorial Union Terrace.

This is just one of 85 different Bucky Badger statues that will be on display across Madison and Dane County. They will be unveiled at the same time, 11:00 a.m. on May 7. The statues will be out all summer and through the middle of September.

NBC15 is a proud media sponsor of Bucky on Parade.

Bucky on Parade: No Filter Needed - Megan Breene and Allyson Casey are the artists who brought this Bucky to life. Bucky will be on display at the Memorial Union Terrace from May - Sept.