Businesses prepare to close their doors following 'Safer at Home' order

MADISON, Wis. Following Gov. Tony Evers’ 'Safer at Home' order, local businesses are preparing to close their doors.

Vitense Golfland has been in Madison for over 60 years.

Joel Weitz, Vitense Golfland owner, said he’s felt the pinch from the recent orders from the governor, and this one will hit the hardest.

“Definitely has affected things since the COVID-19 is here and I think everyone is aware of that,” Weitz said.

Weitz owns the indoor and outdoor golfland and knows the place to a tee.

Due to the recent ban to close dine-in bars and restaurants, he had to shut down the Signature Hole Grill and Bar, which was a big source of income for the business.

“We had to shut down miniature golf courses, the restaurants, and we have the golf course open outside, but it's been cold lately,” he said.

Weitz explained he had to lay off employees and put restrictions on golfing, but he understands health is first priority.

“Of course any business owner would rather not close, but it’s the sake of your health and preventing death of course,” he said.

He said the new safer at home order will force him to temporarily shut his doors if he’s considered a non-essential business.

“Rightfully so people are very concerned and that itself is detrimental to the business,” he said.

William Buchholz said he’s enjoying his extended spring break and taking advantage of Vitense Golfland being open.

“You want to go out and do stuff with friends and family, but it’s hard to go out and enjoy yourself with everything being closed as it is,” Buchholz, UW-Milwaukee student said.

He said he sees everything being shut down in the near future so he wants to have fun while he can.

“With the whole thing going around it’s really nice to get out before possibly everything closes. I may not get this chance again for a long time,” he said

“People still want to go out and have some fun so we’re fortunate we could be here and offer this environment,” Weitz said.