China could target Wisconsin with trade retaliation says Georgetown University expert

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- The Trump administration is putting more pressure on China to cut a better trade deal.

China could target Wisconsin with trade retaliation says Georgetown University expert. (Source: Gray DC)

Friday morning President Donald Trump announced the United States will be moving forward with increased tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods sold in the U.S.

China's Commerce Ministry is promising "necessary countermeasures" in response to the tariff increase.

Thursday, President Trump blamed China for escalating tariffs, he said, “They renegotiated the deal. I mean they took, whether it's intellectual property theft, they took many many parts of that deal and they renegotiated. You can't do that."

Georgetown University’s Charles Skuba, a former international trade official under President George W. Bush, says President Trump is playing hardball with China, and Skuba says China has not played by the rules.

He expects China will hit back, and said people across the U.S. will feel the backlash.

Skuba said, “The collateral damage in this case will either be felt through the immediate increased costs, increased prices of tariffs on certain manufactured goods. Or it could be felt through retaliatory actions by the Chinese.”

Skuba said he expects China to target President Trump’s potential voters with its retaliation by going after industries important to swing states, like
Wisconsin. Skuba said, “Sectors like dairy, pork, soybeans, motorcycles.”

Wisconsin Congressman Ron Kind (D-WI) says China is cheating almost every country in the world and says President Trump should partner with other countries to take on China as a group.

Kind said the president’s one-on-one trade war approach is making it easier for China to hurt Wisconsinites.

Kind said, “[I] had a lot of meetings, met with a lot of farmers in my district too. All of them are uniform in their assessment that these tariffs are hurting them and its making it more difficult for them to stay in business.”

Friday morning, President Trump tweeted the U.S. government will use money it takes in from tariffs on China to buy $15-billion worth of goods from American farmers that lose their Chinese markets. The president didn’t give details on how that will work.

We reached out to the U.S Department of Agriculture to find out whether a program exists to purchase those good from America farmers, and what farmers need to do to qualify for having the government buy their products.

A spokesperson directed us to a tweet from USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue where he wrote, "In Japan for ag discussions with our 4th largest ag customer. Just spoke with @POTUS — while China may backtrack, @POTUS is steadfast in his support for U.S. farmers and directed @USDA to work on a plan quickly. @POTUS loves his farmers and will not let them down!"

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