Chippewa Co. uses tornado resource center to help storm victims

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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -- It's been two weeks since an EF3 tornado ripped through Chippewa County.

Since then, hundreds of volunteers have worked to clean up fallen trees and damaged structures.

But for the victims, there's much more going on than just cleaning up.

Some the effects of the EF3 tornado in the Town of Wheaton on Sept. 24 were very visible.

Hundreds of fallen trees and dozens of damaged structures.

But for victims of the storm, there are some lingering challenges that most people don't think of.

"I think the idea behind it was to have a one stop shop. These people have been through tragic events over these last few weeks, so we tried to make it as simple as we could to come to one area and get as many services as possible," said Chippewa County Administrator Randy Scholz.

Tuesday Chippewa County hosted a tornado resource center.

The idea to give people help with problems most people overlook after a storm.

"Having to register deeds here, the paperwork that can be lost, your marriage certificate, your birth certificate, things like that vital papers. That get blown obviously all over the place so I was interested to see a register of deeds here. We have the commission for insurance from the state, if you have any kind of insurance concerns," explained Scholz.

Thanks to hundreds of volunteers, the recovery effort is chugging along.

Freeing up community members to figure out the future instead of cleaning up the past.

"With all the volunteers that came in, we really appreciated all the work that was done out there. Sounds like the clean up has gone pretty well, now it's really about debris. Where do you put it, who do you get rid of it to so I think that's what they're really looking at. And then of course the construction, rebuilding the homes, getting all of that work started I think is where everybody's at now," said Scholz.

A tornado that was on the ground for only ten minutes, will now cause months of headaches.

But officials are confident the Town of Wheaton will once again get back to normal.

"I think the people definitely as soon as you get back to your routines and living your life, the better for them," said Scholz.

At this point there are no plans to have another center open up.

Anyone who has questions related to the tornado can contact Chippewa County Emergency Management.

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