'Clear the Shelters' helping animals find forever homes across the country

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - On Saturday, August 17, local animal shelters across the country will have special adoption fees to encourage people to adopt rescue animals as a part of NBC's nationwide 'Clear the Shelters' campaign.

Three local humane societies, Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin, Dane County Humane Society and Iowa County Humane Society are participating in 'Clear the Shelters.'

Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin will be cutting down their adoption fees considerably. Adult Cats will be $5. Kittens will be $75. Adult dogs will be $75. This will not include puppies or dogs labeled "adoption guarantee." The usually pricing is $65 for adult cats, $115 for kittens, and $200 for adult dogs. All of the adoptions include spay/neuter, a microchip, and age appropriate vaccinations.

Dane County Humane Society is highlighting the animals in their "Lonely Hearts" club as a part of the 'Clear the Shelters' campaign.

“A lot of our animals are staying maybe about a week, but the members of the Lonely Hearts Club have been with us 30 days or more so that’s a really long time. While we try to provide a great environment here at Dane County Humane Society, nothing can beat being in a home," Marissa DeGroot, the Public Relations Director of DCHS, said.

All the cats and critters who are a part of the club will have their adoption fees waived. The adoption fee for dogs who are a part of that club is going to $100.

"Right now we are seeing an influx of kittens so we’re trying to make space and find some of our longer residents great new homes because we do have more animals in need," DeGroot said.

The Iowa County Humane Society is cutting their adoption fees to $75 for kittens and $30 for adult cats.

"Great idea, because if nothing else, you get the message out to people that there are animals as you see here we have 70 cats and over 10 dogs that need forever homes," John Mutchler, volunteer and former ICHS board member, said.

The Little Orphans Animal Rescue is registered to participate as well as the Petsmart location on East Springs Drive.

For more information about "Clear the Shelters" click here.