Clerk’s offices, state parties prepare for spring primaries

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - On Tuesday, February 18, Wisconsinites will vote for the first time in 2020. The state spring primary features local races and a state Supreme Court race.

“I’m grateful for this February primary because some of the security procedures and upgrades we’ll get to test out in February during a relatively light election,” said Scott McDonell, the Dane County Clerk.

McDonell says security remains a top concern.

“Homeland Security has told us that Russia is actively trying to penetrate Wisconsin and other Midwest states,” McDonell said. “We’re looking ahead to not only securing the election for April but also for this November.”

The state Democratic Party of Wisconsin is preparing for any candidate to take the nomination. Ben Wikler, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair, says it’s important for democrats to support whichever candidate the party chooses.

“The key thing is that after the primary process is over, once we have a nominee, that we all come together around that person, no matter who we supported in the primary,” said Wikler.

Democrats are working to open field offices and connect with local supporters ahead of the April 7th presidential primary.

State Republicans say they are working to carry the same momentum which turned Wisconsin red in 2016.

“We’re stepping up our efforts locally on the ground,” said Executive Director Mark Jefferson. “I think it’s going to pay dividends.”

Both sides of the aisle agree on making sure the primaries and the November election is an honest one.

“It’s making sure whoever comes through the process emerges from the process that’s been fair,” Wikler said.

“We just want to be sure that the law is followed, there’s no cheating and everybody can be satisfied in the results,” said Jefferson. “If we have that we’ll have a very successful election cycle.”