Cold spring temps bring challenges for spring activities

Published: Apr. 5, 2018 at 9:09 PM CDT
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Winter temperatures in April has presented challenges for those ready for outdoor, spring activities.

Temperatures in the thirties and forties mean high school athletes have to take caution in practice.

Sun Prairie Track & Field Head Coach Doug Maughan said, "Track-wise, we've got to be smart. We keep our sprinters inside. If they get tight, it is impossible to get loosened up when its below 35 degrees. Our distance kids will still go outside, they'll pound the roads, but you've got to be smart with how slippery it is."

Low temperatures also mean some indoor practice spaces have to be shared among sports.

Eric Nee, Sun Prairie Athletic Director, said poor weather means games and competitive events have to be rescheduled. Some student athletes could have up to four or five competitions a week due to weather shortening the season.

Maughan explained, "We lost Tuesday. We were supposed to go to Beloit with the entire team, and then today was supposed to be a JV conference meet with the Big 8. We were supposed to be in Middleton right now, but with the snow and the cold, its just smart to stay back and we're putting that off for two more weeks."

In his seventeen years coaching at Sun Prairie, Maughan said the weather has never impacted his team more than it has this year.

"Weather-wise, this is probably the worst we've ever had. We've had some years where it is cold, years where it is wet, but cold and wet for as long as it has been is probably the worst it has been," Maughan said.