Complaint: Victim in Janesville double homicide warned mom about Randle El

Published: Feb. 24, 2020 at 10:45 AM CST
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One of the victims in a double homicide in Janesville two weeks ago reportedly told her mother on several occasions that if anything happened to her, police need to "take a look" at Marcus Randle El.

The victim, Seairaha Winchester, made the comment as recently as one month prior to her death, her mother told investigators, according to the criminal complaint filed Friday against Randle El.

The complaint charges the one-time Wisconsin Badger football player with two counts of first degree intentional homicide as well as armed carjacking and possession of a firearm by an out of state felon. Randle El is accused of killing

on Feb. 10 near the intersection of Midvale Drive and Deerfield Drive.


A woman found both victims lying in the street and bleeding around 3:30 a.m. that morning and called 911, the complaint recounts. Both McAdory and Winchester

to Mercy Hospital where they were pronounced dead less than an hour later. The complaint says officers determined both women had been shot and McAdory's black 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee was missing.

"I can see you got blood on your [expletive] hands, bro"

Janesville police investigators allege Randle El had taken the SUV and it was twice found abandoned along I-294 in Illinois that morning.

According to the criminal complaint, about an hour and fifteen minutes after the victims were discovered, as he was fleeing into Illinois, Randle El caught a ride from a plow truck driver to get to a gas station near Schaumburg, Illinois.

Surveillance video from the store reportedly recorded Randle El telling the clerk, "I'm in some [expletive], bro" and "I'm fittin' to go to jail, bro." A detective stated he begged the clerk for gas multiple times and, at one point, the clerk told him, "I wanna help you bro... I can see you got blood on your [expletive] hands."

Eventually, investigators say, the clerk relented and gave Randle El a gas can and a gallon of gas. An Illinois State Trooper later found the Jeep just off I-294 in Justice, Illinois, a southwestern suburb of Chicago. The trooper told detectives someone had tried to burn the vehicle and, even though the windows were covered with soot, he could see blood and a shell casing in the vehicle.


The criminal complaint states one of the people interviewed said Randle El was a drug dealer, selling marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and prescription pills.

People who knew Winchester and Randle El told detectives he accused her of stealing from him on previous occasions. In one instance last month, the criminal complaint states Randle El threatened her to the point that Winchester stayed in Beloit for a while.

Detectives said one of the messages sent to their phone in January indicated Winchester owed him $320 and was upset she told his family in Chicago he was “getting high.”

On Feb. 15, Randle El

at a Chicago police precinct with members of the Janesville Police Department on hand. At the time, he did not admit to committing any crimes while being booked. He has

to Wisconsin.

Randle El has previously been convicted of a home invasion in Illinois. Because of this prior criminal history, the charges against him in Wisconsin have been elevated to repeater offenses which could lengthen his sentence.