Construction crew shows kindness to 9-year-old Edgerton boy

Published: Dec. 27, 2019 at 4:35 AM CST
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Driving around the schools in Edgerton, you'll see quite a bit of construction. And while construction can be a hassle for some of us, for 9-year-old Liam Lamb, it's a dream come true.

Liam is on the autism spectrum and he loves seeing the construction at his elementary school. He loves it so much that his dad reached out to JP Cullen to see if he could purchase a t-shirt for Liam from the company. JP Cullen staff ended up giving him his own hard hat, safety vest and toy bulldozer.

"It warms my heart it really does. Liam goes through phases... His imagination has just exploded and he gets to see this everyday. This is the first day I've gotten to watch him with Doug and I'm almost tearing up," said Jon Lamb, Liam's dad.

Doug Demrow is a senior superintendent with JP Cullen. He has given Liam a few tours of the site and formed a friendship, as he said he often sees Liam checking out the construction site progress when he is outside during school hours.

"He introduced himself to me in the hallway one day and everytime he sees me he talks to me," said Demrow. "He's always at the fence looking at what's going on."

Liam's parents said he even has his own construction zone in front of their home.

"I hope this gives other viewers with kids on the spectrum an example because there are no boundaries. It shows everyone there are no boundaries to what they want to be when they grow up," said Beth Lamb, Liam's mom.

Be sure to watch NBC15 News Friday night at 6 p.m. for the entire story, showing friendship has no limits.