Controversial float at Pecatonica alumni parade

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PECATONICA, Wis. (WMTV) -- A controversial photo is circulating on social media, showing Pecatonica High School alumni posed for the homecoming parade.

The alumni are wearing sombreros and jerseys, riding on a float with a sign that says, “Trump needs a wall to deal with the southwestern crew.”

Audrey Martinovich, a parade spectator, took a photo of the float after it passed.

“We were on the street watching the parade and this float came through. The men in ponchos were acting like they were climbing over the wall and the men in jerseys pushed them back and sprayed them with silly string,” she tells NBC15 News. “I didn’t get a photo then because I was shocked to see it. A couple people cheered.”

Martinovich says she later asked the group for a photo, to which they agreed and posed. She told NBC15 News she does not know the men in the photo.

NBC15 News reached out to the Pecatonica Area School District for more information. District Administrator Jill Underly denied to speak to reporters in person or via the phone.

In an email she said, “This is not a school district sponsored parade. Factually speaking, the 'Homecoming Parade' is run by the alumni association and the school doesn't endorse the floats or even know what they are before they come down the street. Our band our kids are invited to march in the parade and that's the extent of our involvement."

Underly went on, "I must add that these are not Pecatonica students. These are adults that should honestly know better."

In a final email, she told NBC15 News, "The float and its message is disgusting and as a school district, we strongly condemn its content."

NBC15 News will update this story as more information comes in.