Court documents outline Jakubowski's past

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JANESVILLE, Wis. (WMTV) - The man police say is responsible for the burglary of a Janesville gun shop, triggering a manhunt, had a history with law enforcement.

Most of Joseph Jakubowski's run ins with law enforcement are related to traffic violations. Those citations range from driving with a revoked license to driving without insurance..

In 2008 Jakubowski was charged with battery. In a hand written letter to a Rock County Judge he says family issues were inflicting his actions at the time. He says he "didn't think straight," and was glad he was "brought to jail," to take him "away from the alcohol and painful memories of his family." The letter also asks the judge for a "chance to prove to you, myself and society that I can be a peaceful, trouble free citizen."

In another letter related to the battery case Jakubowski says his work, doing construction, would prevent him from enrolling in a domestic abuse program. He says in the letter he says "on a personal note sir I've been doing very good for myself and have not been in any trouble," and "I have changed my life around."

A few months after the battery case Jakubowski was charged and sentenced to prison for resisting an Janesville Police Officer and trying to remove their weapon from their holster.