Cows break into the Mid-Continent Railway Museum in Sauk County

NORTH FREEDOM, Wis. (WMTV) -- Employees at the Mid-Continent Railway Museum got quite the surprise on Tuesday morning when a gang of cows wandered onto the grounds of the museum.

One of the train conductors for the museum heard something outside his caboose Tuesday morning.

"I was here very early in the morning, I heard some gravel shifting out my window and I knew we had track work going on but not where I was at," said Richard Colby, a conductor. "And then I heard a cow mooing in the distance, looked out the window and saw a cow, and thought great, the cows have come back to visit us. Go outside, and I found 29 more cows."

When Jeffery Lentz, office manager, got there, other employees at the museum were trying to manage the situation and keep the dozens of cows from getting into any more trouble.

"Here's where our break in happened yesterday," Lentz said. "They were in the pasture, broke through the fence here, up and over the tracks, and then made their way over to our depot parking lot."

"Normally we cater to more human variety of tourist, but I guess they're interested too," Lentz said.

They called the Sauk County Sheriff’s Office for help.

In the museum’s surveillance video you see the cows hoofing it back and forth. After about two hours of “udder” madness the cows were herded back on to the farm.

"Shook the bucket of feed a little bit and they all started following him right out through the whole in the fence and back to the pasture," said Lentz.

Nancy Kaney, an employee at the museum, said when she asked the farmer why the cows would come to the museum, the farmer responded “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”

None of the animals were hurt. None of the exhibits at the museum were damaged. However, the herd did leave some cow pies behind.