'Curiosity Cube' experiments teaches kids about the Periodic Table

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - People of all ages got the chance to try out some science experiments at Henry Vilas Zoo.

The Curiosity Cube

It's called the ‘Curiosity Cube,’ and this year the experiments focus on the Periodic Table.

Kids get to test the PH of water, see the anatomy of a heart with virtual reality glasses and create technology like what you find inside a smart phone.

The goal is to get kids excited about careers in the stem field.

"Kids and parents love the cube, we are so excited to be at the zoo today engaging with kids in the community,” says the organizer of the event, Natalie Randolph. “We love bringing kids and parents inside the cube to see hands on science firsthand."

If you missed the Cube at the zoo, you have a couple more chances to catch it here in Madison: at the Mallards game Thursday and Shake the Lake on Saturday.