D.A. says Neenah officer's deadly force in June 25 shooting was justified

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MENASHA, Wis. (WBAY) - The Winnebago County district attorney has cleared a Neenah police investigator for killing a Menasha man who confronted officers with a knife last June 25.

Police block off the scene of an officer-involved shooting on Tayco Street in Menasha on June 25, 2019 (WBAY photo)

In a ruling released Friday night, the D.A. says Police Investigator Christopher Gorden was justified shooting Shawn D. Blowers when Blowers grabbed a knife from a kitchen counter.

The D.A.'s report from the investigation says the events were all captured on an officer's body camera. According to the report:

Blowers said "kill me" and started advancing on an officer, with the knife pointed at her. Blowers was told multiple times to stop and to drop the knife. Blowers repeated "kill me" and "do it" multiple times, then made swinging and jabbing motions.

Police moved back, stepping backwards through a patio door to a grassy area outside. After continuing to ignore officers' orders, Blowers took a large step across the width of a sidewalk towards Police Investigator Amy Cook. Investigator Gorden fired two shots.

The Department of Justice says police started life-saving measures and Blowers was taken to a hospital. An autopsy confirmed he died from the bullet wounds.

Blowers, 43, was under investigation for Internet Crimes Against Children. Police were issuing a search warrant at Blowers' apartment. While talking to police, he said he had a rough idea why they were there, because images of child pornography would "pop up" on his tablet.

The Neenah and Menasha police departments did not have any comment. They released a joint statement reading in part, "The Neenah Police Department, along with the Menasha Police Department, are currently reviewing the information that was released today."

Gorden is a veteran law enforcement officer of 11 years. He was placed on administrative leave after the shooting, which is routine.

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