Dad and daughter use social media to bond during quarantine

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SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. TikTok is the fastest growing social media app in the world with 800 million users worldwide. Lexi and Tom Bernard from Sun Prairie have made it their mission to create a TikTok video every day while they are in quarantine.

"It's been just super. I mean we are certainly no heroes, we don't work in the medical field. We can't do a lot of help right now except for doing our part and staying home, but we do feel like we are helping people by keeping their spirits up and giving them a little bit of joy," Lexi and Tom said.

Almost 20 videos later the two haven't missed a beat practicing the synchronized moves and performing them.

"A lot of the dances that we've done have been more of my generation and what we're doing on TikTok so I'd love to do a few where we throw it back to the oldies a little bit and I know dad would certainly love to dance to his ya know Journey, rock n roll," Lexi said.

Social media can affect people's mental health with the obsession over likes and followers, but Lexi said this doesn't matter.

"It's not about the likes, although it is nice to see. It's kind of like a competition. Okay so I've got this many views let's try to beat it. It's more of like a fun little competition to try to top ourselves," Lexi said.

When asked how long these two are going to do this, they said "Until Disney World opens back up."

"Just to have something in your day that brings you together, that makes you smile that makes you laugh, it's really important right now. I think we need to prioritize that because we really don't know how long we're gonna have to live like this," Lexi said.

Check out the dancing dad and daughter duo here.