Dane Co. property owners against transmission line

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DANE COUNTY, Wis. (WMTV) -- The Western Dane Preservation Campaign is standing their ground (that they own) in opposition of a proposed transmission line. The Cardinal Hickory Creek line would run from Middleton all the way to Dubuque County, Iowa.

The proposed project could cost up to $543 million dollars, requiring Wisconsin electric consumers to pay 10-15 percent of the costs.

"It will benefit the local area, as well as the regional area by providing reliable electricity, access to lower cost power, and improve access to renewable energy," American Transmission Company spokesperson Kaya Freiman said.

According to the ATC, there is a need for this transmission line and it would ease the power grid not only in Dane County, but Southern Wisconsin. They have done research for more than four years, and officially submitted their application for the project to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin on Monday. They need to review it, then it will head approval from Iowa, as well as federal regulators.

Western Dane Preservation Campaign has opposed this project for nearly four years.

"We will be the ones directly affected by it," Rod Hise said.

Hise lives in Mount Horeb. One of the options for the line would cut across his 16 acre property.

"This home has been perfect," Hise said. "This is hard to think about."

Hise says a transmission line would put hundreds to thousands of property owners in Southwestern Wisconsin and parts of Iowa in a tough spot.

The ATC say they understand where property owners are frusted and they encourage them to keep an open dialogue with them. However, Freiman says, '"there is a lot more that goes into property values than transmissions lines."

There are three possible routes. They can be viewed on the website linked to this story.