Dane County Humane Society kicks off National Pet ID Week

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Dane County Humane Society is kicking off National Pet ID Week by offering pet owners lower prices for microchips and ID tags.

The week spans April 14-20, and throughout the week, Dane County Humane Society will be open for pet owners to walk in and have a microchip put into their dog or cat.

The chip is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted underneath the animal's skin right around their shoulder blades. If the animal is lost, the chip can be scanned to find the owner's contact information.

"We really suggest doing both the microchip and personalized ID tag, so that if your pet does escape out of the hoUse and gets lost, they have the best chance of finding their way back home," said Marissa DeGroot, public relations coordinator at Dane County Humane Society.

DeGroot said Dane County Humane Society is the county's stray holding facility, meaning stray animals found in Dane County will be brought to the society.

"Last year alone, over 2,500 stray animals came into Dane County Humane Society, partially because of microchips and those ID tags, we were able to reunite over 815 of those animals with their families," she said. "We're hoping that number can just keep growing as more people learn about microchips and ID tags and that both of them are really important to have."