Dane County announces $500K grant for addiction recovery

C.J. Tubbs, who died from an overdose in May of 2019.
C.J. Tubbs, who died from an overdose in May of 2019.(NBC15)
Published: Sep. 24, 2019 at 6:46 PM CDT
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Dane County has launched a $500,000 grant to help people recover from drug addiction Tuesday.

The grant is partly in honor of the Dane County Emergency Management director's son, who died from a drug overdose last May.

Charles Tubbs Sr., said on Tuesday that his son C.J. Tubbs overdosed on marijuana laced with fentanyl. Tubbs Sr. and his wife were the first to find their son.

“My wife and I tried everything to save his life,” Tubbs Sr. said. “When he wouldn’t answer our call, I immediately went to him and looked at his hands and his lips and saw that he was in trouble.”

Tubbs Sr. said prior to the night of his death, his son received treatment from the county.

“He returned home and loved to be the young man we knew and raised growing up. Actually a better young man. One night he went out with some friends. He came home and that was the end of the line," Tubbs Sr. says.

He thanked the county for the treatment given to his son.

“He’s free from the struggles that haunted him,” Tubbs Sr. said. “May these funds save the lives of people and citizens throughout our county, providing hope and freedom for others living with addiction and mental issues.”

The C.J. Tubbs Fund for Hope, Healing and Recovery will be a part of the 2020 budget to “enhance community-based mental health and addiction services,” according to the Office of the County Executive.

“It’s time we end the shame and the isolation that has been caused by the stigma of mental illness and addiction. Our entire community has been affected and it will take all of us to make a difference,” Tubbs Sr. said.

Joe Parisi, the county executive, said, that "like cancer or diabetes, mental illness and addiction are diseases. We must treat those who suffer from these illnesses with compassion and respect.”

According to Parisi’s office, more than $64.5 million in Dane County funds go to support community-based mental health treatment and services. An additional $865,000 will be added to the 2020 budget.

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