Dane County debuting new, first in state, security upgrades

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Wisconsin voters will hit the polls on Tuesday, and those casting a ballot in Dane County can have an extra layer of confidence their ballot is safe thanks to new security upgrades.

Dane County Clerk, Scott McDonnell says they are the first county in Wisconsin to make significant security upgrades by getting the Albert Sensor. It is a system that is used all throughout another big presidential election swing state, Florida. Along with upgrades to the Dane County network and servers, they now have the Albert Sensor that will make them aware of all known Homeland Security flagged malware, and ransomware.

McDonnell says the county has spent a lot of time investing in protective measures to prevent any outside sources trying to interfere with Wisconsin elections.

"Since the last General Election, we have been implementing a series of security improvements, some of it is physical, better locks, etc. But more importantly, we are trying to make sure a foreign actor cannot penetrate our servers," McDonnell said.