Dane County under budget for presidential recount

Courtesy: MGN Online
Courtesy: MGN Online(KNOE)
Published: Dec. 29, 2016 at 3:55 PM CST
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DANE COUNTY, Wis. (WMTV) -- The final expense for the Dane County presidential recount is $201,660.

The Dane County Clerk said that is the number that will be submitted to the Wisconsin Election Commission. The estimate first submitted to the WEC was $342, 784.

The county clerk says the primary reasons for Dane county being under budget is from:

- fewer workers needed

- some workers volunteered their time

- finishing 2 days early lowered the number of total hours

- lower miscellaneous expenses such as parking and meals.

Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell said, "The presidential recount affirmed the integrity and accuracy of our election equipment and procedures."

Wisconsin Election Integrity Coordinator Karen McKim reviewed the numbers from Wisconsin's recount and says the discrepancies between counts go beyond the changes in net totals. The Wisconsin Election Commission's ward by ward tallies of original and recount votes can be found

, and you can read her analysis of the changes in


McKim says regardless of politics, these kinds of inconsistencies should convince voters that post-election audits are necessary.