Denver plans to kill wild geese and donate their meat to the needy

Denver plans to round up and kill geese after other tactics to get rid of them have failed.
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DENVER (KMGH/CNN) – They’re loud and they can be aggressive, but you can’t kill Canada geese because they’re federally protected – unless you get special permission.

That’s what the City and County of Denver did.

It’s partnered with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to round up and euthanize some of the 5,000 geese that have taken up permanent residence in public parks.

Then, they plan to use meat from the birds to feed needy people in the area.

It’s something that’s been done in other states, including Maryland, for some time.

City officials said this is a last resort after years of trying to scare away the birds and keep their eggs from hatching have failed to control the population.

Many park visitors find the birds a nuisance. They’re also impacting the environment.

"Thirty-five thousand pounds of poop a week. It makes our algae blooms a lot worse,” said Scott Gilmore, deputy executive director of Denver Parks and Recreation. “It actually aggravates E. coli."

Some residents are against the idea. They say rounding up the geese at this time of year, while they’re molting and can’t fly, doesn’t seem right.

They also point out many people might be hesitant to eat goose meat.