'They deserve to be here': Students stand in solidarity against UW video showing all-white student crowd

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- Students of color are standing together in solidarity at Camp Randall, just days after the UW-Madison came under fire for what many called a non-inclusive homecoming video.

Students showing their solidarity at Camp Randall Friday, against a UW homecoming video showing an all-white student body.

The video showed an entirely Caucasian student body in what was supposed to be a homecoming video celebrating diversity at the school.

After a tweet calling out the video went viral, the school pulled the video from social platforms.

"I think they are taking a step in the right direction, but I think they need to have things in place to where we don't get to this point because it is hard for students of color,” says Payton Wade, the UW-Madison student who tweeted about the homecoming video.

“But it is bad PR for the school in general. I just want to thank everyone and all the students of color who come out to support this movement. And just let anyone know who feels like they are struggling here or fighting here on this campus that they deserve to be here as well,” Wade said.

The university approved the students to take the pictures on the field, and will be sharing a message during the UW Badgers game against Michigan State.