Dickeyville Grotto’s main shrine damaged after criminals crawl inside, police say

Dickeyville grotto damaged after someone broke glass and crawled inside,police say(Source: Dickeyville Police Dept.)
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DICKEYVILLE, Wis. (WMTV)-- Criminals may have felt a little guilty breaking into a historical grotto shrine in Dickeyville by leaving an apple and cash amid the damage, said Dickeyville Police.

Police arrived at the shrine on the 300 block of West Main Street after receiving a complaint Wednesday that the building was damaged. They said a large glass window was shattered and a person or persons climbed inside, possibly damaging the fragile shrine.

Police believe the damage happened between Sunday and Wednesday. They said the person or persons may have remorse for breaking into the holy site and left behind an apple and a $5 bill.

Anyone with information is asked to call 608-568-7284.

The Grotto of the Blessed Virgin was constructed in 1925 and completed in 1930 by using materials from all over the world. Officials say the items used included colored glass and gems, as well as a variety of corals.