Douglas Co. natives react to Jayme Closs news

MADISON, Wis (WMTV) - Allie Koss, a Douglas Co. native, said her former high school teacher was the one who called 911 when Jayme approached a woman walking her dog and asked for help.

Jayme Closs age 13, is missing after her parents were found dead at their Wisconsin home, Photo Date: 10/15/18 / Photo: Barron County Sheriff's Department / (MGN)

She said she grew up in in a small town just outside of Gordon, where Jayme Closs was found on Thursday.

Koss said this tragedy has rocked their community, where everybody knows everyone.

“You know ever teacher, administrator, every parent, every cousin—you just know everybody,” Koss said.

Koss said within the tight-knit community, news traveled fast.

“It was somebody from my high school that ended up being who took her and kept her captive. It shakes a small community, because this was all happening in your backyard and you had no idea,” she said.

Koss said she woke up Friday morning to see her high school teacher on national news, detailing that she was the one who called 911.
Kristin Kasinskas, the woman who called 911, spoke to NBC News on Friday morning.

“We’ve seen her face a lot so, I knew it was her the second she walked in the door,” Kasinskas said.

Koss said her former teacher not only called 911, but at one point taught the man authorities say took Jayme, Jake Patterson.
“The person who called 911 was his teacher in high school. To know that you had a relationship with someone like that , even in passing, is scary,” Koss said.

Koss said she has a feeling Kasinskas went the extra mile for Jayme, just like she does for her students.

“She couldn’t have found a better house to go knocking on the door, because she would have been ready to help,” Koss said.

NBC15 also spoke with a neighbor of the man accused of holding Jayme captive and killing her parents. Daphne Ronning said she lives five doors down from Jake Patterson's home. She said she knew Patterson and his family as he grew up in her neighborhood, and that he got into minor trouble as a young kid, but never thought he was capable of something like this.