Downtown Madison shopping trends

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - The holiday rush is far from over as shoppers in downtown Madison crammed in some last-minute shopping on Friday.


Tiffany Kenney, the executive director of Madison's Central Business Improvement District, says this is a critical time for business.

“Our retail businesses tell us that up to 40 percent of their business can come in in this last month, so it's really important. Other years where we have rain or snow, we get a little bit worried,” Kenney said.

Businesses along Monroe Street dealt with construction for months this year. One business owner says now that it's complete, holiday shoppers have come in full force.

“Certainly we are thrilled that the road work finished right on time and a nice long Christmas season thanks to the early Thanksgiving, and weather has been great for people to come and shop and go to our restaurants on Monroe street,” said Orange Schroeder, co-owner of Orange Tree Imports.

One manager of a shop on State Street says the weather has played a large role in getting people out.

"We are a gift store so that is what we depend on,” said Kira Rosenstiel, manager at Art Gecko. “We are busy in the summer and back to school season, and then we have a bit of a lull and when people come in to start getting their gifts - that is when we start to pick back up.”

Kenney, the executive director, says businesses along State Street see thousands of customers on the weekends this time of year.

“They will see somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 shoppers come through their individual doors, and that means for us several 100,000 shoppers in downtown Madison,” Kenney said.