EXCLUSIVE: 911 recording reveals distressing call between pilot and authorities

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - A 911 call from a Green County plane crash on Aug. 27 released to NBC15 reveals a distressing conversation between a wounded pilot and his wife and law enforcement.


As NBC15 reported throughout that day, a Minnesota-based plane crashed on its way to Chicago, leaving two people injured. They were shortly released from a hospital, after suffering from non-life-threatening injuries.

In a 911 call recorded from Rock County and released to NBC15, the pilot, Luc Van Herle, was calm as he described to a dispatcher and a deputy what just happened.

Rock County Communications said this is a portion of the 911 call. It's about three and half minutes in total.

"Pilot: Can you hear me? Dispatcher: We can hear you. Yep. Pilot: there's two of us. My wife - I think her ankle may be broken. I'm bleeding from a few spots. I've also - we've both lost our glasses I can't see very well. Deputy: Okay, so you're not sure where you are at? Pilot: I’m in a corn field - three miles or so east of the airport."

The night of the crash, NBC15 confirmed through online flight logs through the FFA, that the plane was registered to Van Herle. NBC15's Amy Pflugshaupt made contact with Van Herle, but he declined an interview.

The FAA says the crash still under investigation and can't discuss any details right now.

The National Transportation Safety Board released it's preliminary findings. It's states while the plane was in flight, the oil pressure dropped and the engine failed suddenly.

Van Herle tried to make it to the Monroe Municipal Airport; however, was forced to land in a corn field. It also stated, "There was a large hole on the top of the engine crankcase and a significant amount of metallic debris inside the case."

Both Van Herle and his wife were injured in the accident, but are expected to be okay.

The NTSB and FAA have kept the wreckage for further investigation.