Eco-friendly van at Findorff construction company

Published: Apr. 22, 2018 at 10:21 PM CDT
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A Madison based construction company showed off the Eco-friendly upgrades made to a company van on Friday, just days before Earth Day.

All of the tools inside the van were powered by solar panels that were installed on the roof.

The idea came from the special projects supervisor, Chad Baker, who said he has been interested in sustainability efforts for a long time and was hoping to incorporate his interest into his job.

When he approached Findorff with the idea, he said there was a strong mutual interest.

"Findorff is one of the largest construction builders in the Midwest and it's important to use to pay attention to our sustainability on each job site. This, for me, helps me go to all sorts of small projects to help out people in different I can perform entire jobs off of only solar power.

The van is used for Findorff's special project group which manages projects under $1,000,000.