Edgerton flower shop's tongue-in-cheek service aims to help customers out of the doghouse

EDGERTON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Even after 13 years together, some questions still stand the test of time for Becky Schmall and her husband Dan.

“He did ask me that, he goes ‘what am I supposed to do for Valentine’s Day,’” Schmall laughed.

For Dan, flowers may not be the best option when looking for a sweet something to give Becky, as Becky owns and runs Once Upon a Blossom, a flower shop in Edgerton.

“Who doesn’t love flowers?” Schmall said. “Occasionally they poke you and then I don’t love them, but absolutely, just creating and being artistic. Both my husband and I both have been big into art, drawing, painting, and then I started the flowers at home.”

Schmall recently retired from her full time job, which she worked at night. During that job, she was also becoming a certified florist, calling her dream of opening a flower shop her "retirement plan."

“Everybody that comes in is smiling, everyone’s nice, it makes it fun,” she said. “It makes it fun to brighten peoples’ days.”

While Schmall said she’s seen her share of smiles walk through her shop door, she’s also seen a fair amount of people in the doghouse.

“I had a couple guys come over like, ‘I need flowers,’ and we’ve got you!” she said.

With that concept in mind, Schmall’s tongue-in-cheek flower subscription service, called How Mad Is She? was born.

“How Mad Is She? That was just literally an epiphany one night.” Schmall said. “I was sitting getting ready for bed and the kids were in bed, and I got a notification saying my Chewy.com [order] for my dogs was on its way. And then I was just like, why can’t we do that for flowers? Why can’t we have a subscription? My mind just started going with it.”

From there, Schmall and her friend Ben began developing the idea, creating a website and different plans for the subscription service. The plans follow suit with cheeky names, such as the Annual No Excuses Plan, which gets the customer three arrangements a year, or the Annual Wow You Remembered Plan.

“The concept behind it is you can subscribe to flowers like you would anything else, like people do the makeup of the dog food or whatever,” she said. “Whether you want it to be for your significant other or your parents or whatever, a monthly fee will come out and you can join a program whether it’s three arrangements a year or 15.”

Schmall said customers can also pre-select specific dates they would like the flowers for, or even buy one time. Despite the attention grabbing names, Schmall said the subscription service is meant for everyone.

“The name is a spoof, and we certainly don’t want to offend anybody,” she said. It’s gender neutral, it doesn’t matter, it just a spoof on the name.”

“A woman came in the other day, set it up for her mother who’s in a nursing home,” she said.

The subscription service aims to make light of a position many people have been in.

“We’re kind of having fun with it,” she said.