'It's been a nightmare': Edgerton residents concerned as sex offender moves in

EDGERTON, Wis. (WMTV) - Edgerton residents are concerned for their safety after a registered sex offender, Byron Conner, relocated to their neighborhood Monday morning.

Nicole and Brandon Clift

Brandon Clift and his wife Nicole have lived on Arrowhead Shores Rd. in Edgerton for three years.

"You work your butt off so you can afford a house to raise your family and start a family," said Brandon Clift. "This is the worst possible scenario you could possibly imagine.”

The couple is expecting a daughter any day now, and they are concerned for their family's safety.

"It's been a nightmare we can't wake up from. I haven't been able to sleep all weekend,” Nicole said.

The Clifts said they were not notified about the relocation until they asked a sheriff's deputy to come to their house Friday after hearing from friends.

The Rock County Sheriff's Office said their records show a deputy distributed fliers between 3 and 11 p.m. Friday night.

The Clifts are not the only family concerned. Michael and Krystal Peterson live on the other side of the house with their 6-month old daughter.

The couple said they are looking into better security systems for their house.

"We're looking at getting a fence,” said Michael on Monday. “We're putting in, today, I’m putting in the camera doorbells.”

According to a criminal complaint, Conner was charged with assaulting an adult.

A spokesperson from the Department of Corrections told us that means Conner would not necessarily be prevented from living near minors.

The spokesperson also said she is not sure if residents can change the placement of a sex offender, but the Cliffs have already started a petition with almost 800 signatures.

While the Department of Corrections does handle placements of some sex offenders, Conner's case and placement is handled by the Department of Health Services.

Byron G. Conner