Edgewood High School president seeks stadium compromise

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Edgewood High School is still facing criticism over plans to add lights and a sound system to their football field. Despite vocal opposition, however, school president Michael Elliott is hopeful a compromise can be reached.

On Saturday, Edgewood met with the Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Association to discuss what each side needs.

"I thought it was good progress for us to be able to sit down and really explain our sides and what we’re doing and then maybe be able to come up with compromises to improve the situation," Elliott said.

The school had proposed a compromise earlier in January. They would reduce the number of games held on the field and build a wooden wall on the far side to control noise in the neighborhood.

Some neighbors feel the compromise does not go far enough. On Tuesday, Elliott repeated a commitment to working with the community.

"This isn’t about Edgewood against the neighbors, there shouldn’t’ be a winner or a loser. This is a neighborhood issue. We’re all neighbors, and my goal all along has been to work with the neighbors to look at our needs and their concerns and somewhere in between blend a plan that allows this to happen," he said.

Allen Arntsen, alder for the 13th district, which includes Edgewood and surrounding neighborhoods, was less optimistic. He said he thinks people on both sides have acted in good faith and been open to conversation, but he is not sure there is common ground.

Arntsen does hope the two sides can find a solution, and he wants both sides continue conversation in the future.

"Long term, I hope there’s a better communication and dialogue between the school and the neighbors around it. I think that they’ve come a long way there but that there’s still some reservoir of mistrust and ill feelings," he said.

The Madison Plan Commission was supposed to consider Edgewood's proposal on Monday, Jan. 14, but postponed it for a future meeting. No date has been set for when the commission will look at the proposal.