Edgewood High School stadium proposal delayed in Plan Commission

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Edgewood High School's proposal to add lights and a sound system to their football field has faced months of opposition from neighborhood residents. In January, the school proposed a compromise in an attempt to address neighbors' concerns.

Under the compromise, the school would reduce the number of night games from a maximum of 40 to 25. Edgewood would also put up a wall on the edge of their field to limit noise on neighboring streets.

The school also wants to incorporate language making it clear the field can be used for competitions and games. Many residents think the language in the school's 2014 Master Plan for the field limit the use to team practices and physical education classes.

In response to the compromise, the Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Association (DMNA) asked for the Plan Commission to delay considering Edgewood's proposal, so neighbors would have more time to look at the new information. The Plan Commission was scheduled to take up the proposal on Monday, Jan. 14.

In a statement, the DMNA said they plan to "carefully review the new information in order to understand what is now being proposed and communicate to its membership."

NBC15 reached out to Edgewood High School's president Michael Elliott but did not receive a response. When NBC15 spoke to Elliott in December, he said he wants to work with the community to find a solution.

"I think there's a lot of room for us to sit down now and talk and say okay, if we do move forward with this, how can we make it be something that we aren't a burden to the neighbors yet the neighbors respect and understand what we need," Elliott said in December.

However, some residents think Edgewood's proposed compromise isn't enough.

"It’s not a substantive compromise, for one thing," said Tag Evers, a neighborhood resident who is running for the Common Council seat in that district. "It’s also not a compromise that’s offered in good faith because it’s come up so late in the process. And it’s not a compromise that was generated with input from the neighborhood in terms of some kind of negotiation."

Evers said his end goal is to prevent the stadium from being built at all. However, he also said the community wants to keep a good relationship with the school.

"We would like to work with Edgewood to build upon [their] values to try to restore confidence and faith and trust in the neighborhood and an ongoing positive relationship with Edgewood," Evers said.

The Plan Commission has not yet set a new date to consider the school's proposal. Madison's Common Council has also delayed a vote on the proposal -- they were scheduled to vote on Jan. 22.