Edgewood College demonstrators call attention to injustice

Published: Jun. 11, 2020 at 9:11 PM CDT
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Demonstrators lined Monroe Street on Thursday holding signs and demanding change.

Car horns blared down Monroe street.

"We're standing here in solidarity with our black brothers and sisters and to support black students," Jahdai Guerrero, Organizer, Edgewood College Junior said.

Students like Guerrero say they're making noise to end the silence.

"We're tired of being silenced I think it's time to speak up as youth," she said.

The Edgewood College community banding together to speak up.

"We want to bring awareness, we want to bring justice, that's what we're looking for," Guerrero said.

Students and staff lined the streets of Monore holding signs calling for equality and inclusion.

The Latinx Student Union at Edgewood College also came out to defend injustice against the black community.

"It is necessary and crucial that we work together, as a community, to dismantle the inequalities, disparities and white supremacist ideals that exists in the curriculum and education system," Abby Briseño, Edgewood College Latinx Student Union Vice President said.

Briseño also called for change within Edgewood College.

"To the new President of Edgewood College, Andrew P. Manion. We need action. We need representation in the classroom. We need to hire Black and Indigenous POC," she said.

Andrew Manion, Edgewood College President, said his first order of business as the new campus leader is to stand in solidarity with those fighting for justice.

"We have in our society two diseases that we're dealing with: COVID, which is a relatively new disease, and racism, which is a really old disease," he said. "It's time for us to put racism to bed once and for all. Enough is enough."