Election officials encourage absentee voting amid COVID-19 concerns

Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 10:29 PM CDT
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With Governor Evers' "Safer at Home" order in effect, election officials are encouraging voters to vote absentee.

Curbside voting is also an option.

“We had probably at one point thirty cars,” Erik Saynisch, election official said.

Drive up democracy is making its way through counties across the state allowing people to cast their vote from the seat of their car.

“That’s community. That’s what we’re doing here. That’s democracy,” Saynisch said.

He said the first thing he offers is a sense of comfort when he approaches their window.

“This is going to be okay. You chose to do this. You’re doing it for a purpose,” he said.

Saynisch said most people don’t seem worried about voting amid Coronavirus concerns.

“About 70 percent of the people weren’t extremely concerned because we do have gloves and we do offer wipes,” he said.

But others are on the fence.

“There’s about 30 percent of people who show up and don’t want to open the windows very far and they have their own gloves on,” he said.

Elections workers are wiping down clipboards and encouraging voters to bring their own pens to avoid spreading the virus.

“I think it’s really good for those people who want to stay isolated and not go into buildings or be with any more than one person at the window,” Ken-Adi Ring, Madison resident said.

Election officials said if you want to vote, you need to act fast.

“We’re encouraging anybody who wants to vote to make their request for an absentee ballot now. Do not wait,” Reid Magney, Wisconsin Elections Commission Spokesperson said.

He said 700,000 people have requested absentee ballots.

He added the Coronavirus is a big concern, but people shouldn’t lose sight of the importance of voting.

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