Engineering firm presents pre-design work to AEC Redevelopment Committee

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- Pre-design work of the five components of the first phase of the Alliant Energy Center (AEC) master plan were presented to the redevelopment committee on Monday.

Strang, Inc., gathered information about specific needs and expectations of staff, customers, event planners, vendors and other stakeholders.

Monday's meeting was the first presentation of the preliminary work.

"It's exciting to see recommendations that would tie together the look of the campus. Their recommendations really make it a much more cohesive, attractive campus with a lot more green space," said Sharon Corrigan, County Board Chair, and Chair of the Alliant Energy Center Redevelopment Committee.

Strang’s pre-design work will also include the other pieces of the Phase 1 redevelopment outlined in the master plan including: creation of a main plaza area, installation of a storm water management practices, additional parking, relocation of the arena building, and creation of a ring road around the campus.

"It's really what the industry is expecting and what the standards of the industry are. More glass, open feeling, higher, bigger, wider, yet very functional space," said Mark Clarke, executive director of the Alliant Energy Center.

Detailed budget estimates are expected in October for the AEC Master Plan, but Corrigan said she is hoping for a number between $77 and $90 million.