'Ernie’ the tortoise on the loose after escaping from home on Madison's east side

'Ernie' the tortoise dressed up as a pineapple.
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - A Madison woman is looking for one of her pet tortoises after it climbed out of its enclosure and went missing Monday.

Dana Jansen, who lives near LaFollette High School on Madison’s east side, says that ‘Ernie’ is a small female Hermann's tortoise, one of six she cares for.

Because yards are in full bloom, Jansen is concerned it may be hard to spot Ernie crawling along in the grass.

“She's a treasured pet and we miss her grumpy little face very much,” Jansen said in an email. “We also have 5 other tortoises that have been rescued and people love seeing them when I take them out to walk in the front yard.”

Jansen added that some people may have an eye out for wild tortoises and turtles, because many are nesting and moving during the summer months.

If you know where Ernie the tortoise might be, you can contact Jansen at 608-358-1617 or email at duranie83@gmail.com