Evacuations underway in Reedsburg Area

Published: Aug. 28, 2018 at 7:49 PM CDT
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Parts of Reedsburg and LaValle are evacuating due to flash flooding. The National Weather Service is reporting significant flooding in parts of La Valle and Reedsburg.

Jeff Jelinek, Sauk County's Emergency Management Director, said the La Valle Fire Department is helping La Valle residents in flooded areas to safety. Some will stay at a shelter at Reedsburg High School.

La Valle is approximately 11 miles west of Reedsburg

In the last 24 hours, radar estimates show three to six inches of rainfall fell on the Reedsburg area.

A Flash Flood Warning is in effect through 9 p.m Tuesday. NBC15 Meteorologist Brian Doogs said there is a good chance that warning could be extended.

Officials are waiting until sunrise for safety reasons and they assume there is residential damage right now. The evacuation site has been open since 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

The high school is located at 1100 S. Albert Ave. Pets are not allowed in the shelter. Residents with pet that need a place to stay, should call the Sauk County Emergency Operations Center at 608-355-3200.

Volunteer with the Red Cross “We are offering a safe place for people to go to get out of the weather, we have snacks for people, and a place to sleep. Currently, there are 9 residents at the shelter Wednesday morning and the shelter will be open as long as there is a need for the shelter in the area.”