Evers says he resolved plagiarism with admonishment

Tony Evers Campaign
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MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Democratic candidate for governor Tony Evers says he's resolved multiple instances of plagiarism within the state education department he runs the same way he would if a student had done it.

Evers tells the Wisconsin State Journal in an editorial board interview Wednesday that he would admonish a student for the error but not expel them.

Gov. Scott Walker's campaign has identified seven instances of plagiarism in state budgets submitted by the state Department of Public Instruction under Evers. Evers has not disciplined the staff responsible, but instead says he is adding citations and requiring mandatory training.

Evers declined to say who made the mistakes. Walker has said Evers isn't taking the issue seriously enough.

Evers says, "If a student didn't have the proper citations, I'd say to that student, hey, you forgot the citations. Put `em in here.' I wouldn't expel them."