Families head to park, despite calls to stay indoors

FITCHBURG, Wis. (WMTV)-- As health officials continue to urge people to stay home, a Fitchburg park was packed with families needing a break from isolation.

Families spent Tuesday afternoon at a Fitchburg park, amid calls from health officials to stay home and practice "social distancing."

“We need to really buckle down on the ideas that we’ve talked about the last couple of days,” Dr. Jeffrey Pothof, at UW Health, said. “The most important being social distancing, this idea that we’re going to try to stay six feet away from anyone else.”

Tuesday afternoon, one dad and his 3-year-old son came to McKee Farms Park after several days in isolation.

“He [my son] has got so much energy at his age,” he said. “He just really needs to get out of the house and do something.”

The father said he came to the park after seeing other parents here, being “okay with it.”

“I’m still not sure, but I guess I’m just taking a chance,” he added. “I’m not too concerned about it which is why I’m here.”

Another mother also brought her kids to the park after virtual learning sessions. A resident of Hoboken, New Jersey, She said she traveled to Fitchburg to escape the “craziness.”

“I think it’s always a risk versus a sanity factor,” she said. “Presumably, as things get more intense, we may have to cut playgrounds too.”

Tuesday, Governor Tony Evers ordered a ban on gatherings of more than ten people and the closure of indoor eating at bars and restaurants in the state