First Alert Weather: Alert Day Saturday for freezing temperatures

Published: May. 5, 2020 at 8:52 PM CDT
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Southern Wisconsin made it through the winter without a major visit from the Polar Vortex. Oddly enough, that streak comes to an end in early May. Typically, the Polar Vortex is somewhere over the North Pole this time of year. However, a piece of that vortex is going to break off and slip down through much of the eastern half of the country. This will bring cold temperatures to the deep south and potentially record setting cold temperatures to much of the Great Lakes and Ohio River Valley by the weekend.

An "Alert Day" has been issued for Saturday morning. While patchy frost is possible through Thursday, the time frame of concern is Friday night into Saturday morning. This is when the coldest of the air will settle in. With highs only into the upper 40s Friday, clear skies will allow for a quick drop off of temperatures by Friday night. Lows into the middle and upper 20s will be common for much of southern Wisconsin by early Saturday. This will bring a hard freeze to most of the area. Additional frost potential is possible into early next week.

Not something we typically talk about in May...A chunk of the Polar Vortex breaks off and heads southward by the weekend. This could bring near record cold conditions for much of the Great Lakes. If you hate cold weather, just be glad this didn't materialize during the winter!

Posted by Meteorologist Brian Doogs NBC15 on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

With the growing season officially underway, frost is always a concern in the spring. A hard freeze, however, is potentially devastating to tender vegetation. Extra precautions should be done to cover up or bring in anything that is susceptible to freezing temperatures. This is especially concerning for fruit crops across the area that are hard to protect in a situation like this.

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