First coronavirus cases reported in Columbia and Sauk Counties

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Columbia and Sauk Counties are reporting their first cases of coronavirus in their communities.

Sauk County reported its first confirmed virus case on Thursday morning. Officials said the person recently traveled to another state with community spread and developed symptoms shortly afterwards. They are under self-quarantine.

Sauk County Health Officer Tim Lawther said although it’s the county’s first diagnosed case, it is likely there are other people in the community with the illness that have not been diagnosed and may not be tested.

“The vast majority of people who have COVID-19 will get better on their own at home,” said Lawther. “Most people will NOT receive a test, so it is vital that each of us practice common sense measures to avoid getting sick or spreading the virus.” These measures include:

In Columbia County, health officials rsay there there are four confirmed cases. Columbia County Health Officer Susan Lorenz said they have been under quarantine and health officials are investigating who they have been in contact with.

“With confirmed cases in our county we continue to urge county residents to take precautions to avoid illness,” said Lorenz.

Health officials recommend the following if you develop symptoms:

  • Monitor your symptoms
  • Isolate yourself at home
  • Maintain social distancing within your home of at least 6 feet between people
  • If your symptoms worsen (difficulty breathing or other severe symptoms) call you healthcare provider
  • You must stay home and socially distance yourself (6 feet) from other people until you have no fever for 72 hours (without the aid of medication)
  • Other symptoms have improved
  • Seven (7) days have passed since your symptoms first appeared