FluGen and UW-Madison doctors work to create COVID-19 vaccine

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – University of Wisconsin-Madison doctors and the company FluGen are pairing up to create a coronavirus vaccine.

FluGen and UW-Madison doctors are working to create COVID-19 vaccine. NBC15 News found out how they plan to do it.

Medical professionals are combining a flu vaccine with elements found in COVID-19 to combat the virus.

Because it's a respiratory sickness, the vaccine would come in the form of a nasal spray.

FluGen CEO and Pres. Paul Radspinner said in this case, the spray would be more effective on the immune system than a shot.
If things go according to plan, human trials could start by August.

"If that were to happen, then the regulatory process in terms of if we find out that it's safe and we're generating the immunity we're looking for then it'll be up to the regulatory authorities to let us know if it's enough to go into the population," Radspinner said.

Radspinner also said that there are at least 15 other companies working on a coronavirus vaccine.